We love to work with talented people who experiment with new things, or do old things the new way. People with a sense of ownership, ability to collaborate, create, innovate, and value the importance of humility will be the perfect fit for our endeavor to become a 21st-century scientific gaming company.

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We strive to create opportunities for our employees to learn, contribute and in the process, deliver meaningful value to the business. We believe in empowering our employees with knowledge and tools that can enable them to better their skills and develop themselves into leaders in their respective fields.

We value fresh perspectives and ideas. We encourage our employees to think out of the box. We ensure their views are heard, challenged, debated and given a fair chance of trial. We encourage people to take ownership of their ideas, and we ensure to provide a collaborative ecosystem where they can develop their ideas into meaningful products or product features.

Another thing we ensure is that life at work always remains fun for everyone. This is especially important for us because we believe it’s the best way to translate fun at work into creating an awesome experience for our players. We are honest and transparent in our employee relationships, and we make sure our employee policies are always in the best of interest for our employees.



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