Engineering Manager – Backend


Games24x7 was one of the first entrants in the gaming industry in 2006, when India started showing the first signs of promise for online gaming. We turned profitable by 2010 in just four years and grew 200x in the next decade. We are a technology powered analytics and data science company that happens to love games!

In 2018-19, the mobile games market in India generated over $600 million in revenues. With close to 450 people in its Mumbai and Bangalore offices, Games24x7 is India’s largest mobile games business today and is very well positioned to become the 800-pound gorilla of what will be a $2 billion market by 2022. While Games24x7 continues to invest aggressively in its India centric mobile games, it is also diversifying its business by investing in international gaming and other tech opportunities.

Why Play Games24x7

You will do some of the most challenging work of your career at Play Games24x7. Games are typically low-latency, high throughput, and highly available applications. You will need to dig deep, to create a highly scalable, extensible and available distributed systems infrastructure, if you are a back-end engineer. Or a pixel-perfect delightfully rendered pwa, apk, ipa with a very smart set of client-server communication channels, if you are an app developer. Or a really slick set of deep-learning models to achieve a safe and clean experience for our users, if you are a data scientist. At Play Games24x7, you can innovate, take impactful decisions, move fast and be transparent. You are set free, as you strive to put a smile on each of our user’s faces.

Responsibilities Include

You will manage a team of backend engineers to deliver a valuable and delightful product for our users. You will be responsible for liaising with external stakeholders such as product, acquisition and retention teams to come up with a charter for a certain vertical(game), and then execute on it. You will be responsible for the evolution of an already bleeding-edge tech stack and keep it current. You will be responsible for setting the correct set of processes in engineering that help you get very high efficiency in the organization. You will be required to make decisions quickly, and work under strict timelines. You would need to demonstrate an ability to stay objective while creating an appropriate decision-making framework for the entire organization. You will believe in measure-ability of the success of the tech stack and processes adopted.

● B.E/MS in Computer Science or equivalent.

● 10+ years or more of progressive software technology experience with at least 3 years in management role.

● Completely hands on with technology and architecture. Start-up experience is a huge plus.

● Excellent and robust understanding of scalable product system architecture(s), platforms and core technologies

● Demonstrated problem-solving and leadership skills to pursue correct engineering process in adverse conditions. Ability to embrace and demonstrate leadership beyond ownership

● Provide thought leadership to setup and manage processes.

● Ability to work in a very agile, fast-paced environment with changing requirements.

● Ability to work efficiently in an entrepreneurial and in a start-up environment

● A good understanding of Java/Spring/Akka, Javascript or Golang.

● Hands on knowledge of some of these technologies – MySQL, NodeJS, message brokers such as Kafka/RabbitMQ, NoSQL datastore such as Mongo, Cassandra, Arango, distributed caches such as Redis/memcached, container technology such as Docker and Kubernetes etc. is a big plus.

● Great proficiency in distributed systems design, with an ability to make the right trade-offs for creating future-proof solutions.

● Ability to build a product end-to-end with the help of multiple engineering teams.

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