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Towards the vision of the Science of Gaming, the artificial intelligence and data science (AI & DS) team dive into the plethora of multi-dimensional data to deliver awesome game playing experiences to our players.

The problem space we deal with has a unique combination of gaming and e-commerce domains. The AI & DS team, comprising of researchers from statistical and computer science backgrounds come together to perform research in technical areas – such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, stochastic games, partially observable Markov processes, image and text – to name a few, for three focus areas –

  1. Game AI: to understand details like players’ skills, strategies, mistakes, while playing the games;
  2. Process AI: to enable rigorous automation in various operations that touch user journeys; and
  3. Content AI: leverages Game and Process AI to understand broader behaviour, intent, and inclinations of players and accordingly provide recommendations to enable personalized and target journeys in our gaming platforms.

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