War Wounded Foundation

War Wounded Foundation was set up to assist war wounded personnel in leading useful and productive lives and becoming financially independent (especially in rural areas). They aim to ensure that war-wounded personnel become productive citizens by participating in the economic development of the Nation. At the same time, they must be able to supplement their pension, including disability pension.

To meet the aspirations of the war-disabled personnel, the Foundation then switched its activities to imparting ‘skills’ to them. They initially focused on skills like computer training, spoken English, repairs of small items like TV, radios, cycles etc. As some of the older war-disabled personnel were reluctant to learn new skills, they opened the field to their wards also, so that the financial position of these personnel improved through their sons and daughters. This has now become their primary focus, as the acquisition of new skills appeals to the war-disabled personnel.

We have contributed towards the project on Imparting Visibility & Awareness, Counseling & Motivation and Skills Training for disabled soldiers/their next of kin (NOKs)/ wards. We have also contributed towards the construction of disabled-friendly toilets tentatively for eight disabled soldiers.