Centre For Social Responsibility & Leadership (CSRL)

We support CSRL’s Super 30 project aimed at providing 11 months of a fully residential coaching program for IIT/JEE Main and Advanced (Entrance Exams) to the 30 underprivileged but talented students of the society.

Key highlights of the Super 30 Project –

  • Supports the financially challenged students who have potential but lack resources to pursue higher professional education primarily for Engineering.
  • Eleven months of a fully residential coaching program for IIT/JEE Main and Advanced (Entrance Exams).
  • Tuition, stay, and food are all free of cost for students.
  • Teaching faculty constitutes mostly of ex-IITians.
  • Training of soft skills

Navgurukul Foundation for Social Welfare

Though NavGurukul, we are supporting one-year fully residential course in Software Engineering (e.g.Node.js, React.js, and Springboot etc.) for underprivileged 50 girl students from low-income segment.

Gubbachi Learning Community

We are supporting various initiatives undertaken by Gubacchi, a company that works for the education of children of migrants’ community working at construction sites in Bangalore. The initiatives include:

Gubbachi Connect – that bridges learning gaps of 6-9 year old ‘out of school’ children to grade appropriate levels and helps mainstream them into the Government School.

Gubbachi ProActive: A program focused on the pre-teenager or teenager (9+ years old). ProActive aims to carry the teenager to a Class 10 certification through an Open Schooling system in addition to enrichment activities that help shape an all-round personality and encourage critical thinking skills.

Gubbachi Buds – An Early Childhood program that engages with the younger siblings of older children learning in Gubbachi Connect & Gubbachi ProActive so that older child attend regular schools without worrying about their younger siblings. 

Gubbachi Transform – that supports and strengthens the *Nali Kali program in the primary years of 1-2-3 in the government School and ensures that children continue to learn long after they are mainstreamed.

*Nali Kali program (Government Program): The Nali Kali strategy adopted creative learning practices to help retain children in school and bring in those not attending school.

Rotary Club of Mulund

Rotary Club of Mulund works for promoting education by supporting them financially for the vocational course through their Vocational Loan Scholarship project (VLS). We are supporting their DISCON Vocational Loan Scholarship that offers assistance to deserving students by providing them with an interest-free loan. The loan scholarship amount is to be returned, in instalments, after the student joins employment. The scholarship is in the form of part or full payment of fees for vocational courses. It is offered to deserving students for undertaking vocational courses (such as ITI, Engineering degree or diploma, Medical Education, Pharmacy, Tourism, Mass Media etc.) after evaluating their merit and the financial status of their family.

POSAT Foundation

POSAT Foundation is working for the upliftment of physically challenged children and adults by providing physio-occupational speech therapy and other therapies, providing special education to differently-abled, and enhancing vocation skills among differently-abled. POSAT Foundation also runs a rehabilitation centre for physically and mentally challenged children and adults.

We have supported POSAT foundation by funding for various causes including a shortfall in staff expenses engaged in teaching children in their rehabilitation centre, for the procurement of equipment for differently-abled children and for the procurement of equipment required for running therapy and special education classes from time to time. We have enabled the foundation to improve the quality of special education classes, therapy classes, rehabilitation centres and the number of beneficiaries also significantly increased over a period of time.

Umang Charitable Trust

Umang is engaged in a social task since June 2000, for rendering services to the Autistics and Slow Learner Children and Multiple Handicapped children with the specific objective of providing interdisciplinary care to children with developmental disabilities.

We have supported Umang for various causes which helped in the development of such children. Some of these include:

  • Providing Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist
  • Educational toys and OT speech therapy equipment’s for therapy
  • Remedial books, reference books, grammar books and the other remedial education material
  • Teachers training
  • Children event expenses like annual day, sports day, educational tour and picnics

Funding for operational expenses like rent, staff remuneration etc.
In FY. 2019-20, The company has funded Umang to support the fees and therapy charges of 37 children with autism and associated disabilities belonging to a low-income family for one year, i.e. 2020-21.

IMFPA Training Foundation Trust:

IMFPA have disabled artists, owned and run by the artists themselves to meet their financial needs. Members paint with brushes held in their mouth or feet as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.

We have supported IMFPA for providing Training/ arranging workshops for the Artist members, providing student scholarships and financial aid to deserving disabled children and adults for self-training in the field of art, providing painting materials to artists etc.

Sulabha Trust for Special Education & Research

Sulabha has been established for special education and research and is working for children with intellectual disabilities for the last 40 years.

We have supported various causes like brain gym training, Educational and occupational therapy equipment, uniform for students, sports equipment, swimming couching, outbound activities etc.

Society for Doorstep School

Doorstep School has been visiting homes of dropout children to determine the cause of their dropping out and trying to bring them back to school. Through its projects, Doorstep works to bring the children at par so that they can then join a regular school and continue their education.

We funded the Society for Doorstep School in F.Y. 2017-18 in establishing Computer Center Program in Mumbai and Education Activity Centre in Pune at the construction site.

In F.Y. 2018-19, we also supported School on Wheels Project (SOW), undertaken by the Society for Doorstep School, a project that will cater to around 100-125 children in a year. These children are in the age group of 7 to 18 years who are school dropped out, out of school and first-generation learners located on street, pavements, or in slums of Mumbai.

Touching lives Welfare Trust

Touching Lives is a non-profit organization that works towards learning and healing of children and people of slum communities, supporting them to become independent learners.

To promote education, we supported Learning Center run by Touching Lives Welfare Trust to provide regular classes for learning/ education/ wellness to around 50 students in Mumbai.

Association of Social Beyond Boundaries Trust

Association of Social Beyond Boundaries engages with a group of individuals who come together for the sole purpose of growth and development of society at large. Their activities are not restricted to any particular cause. Activities are largely characterized under areas of education, health and safety, environment, society upliftment, cleanliness and hygiene, animal welfare, equality of rights, cultural development etc.

We have provided study materials for underprivileged students.

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation is a national level development organisation directly benefitting over 600,000 children and their families every year, through more than 250 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in over 950 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India.

We have supported Smile Foundation for their project at Mahakali, Andheri in Mumbai to provide for education and basic healthcare, including nutrition to 200 underprivileged children.