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Assistant Manager- Risk Investigation & Counselling

Job Categories: Risk & Payments
Job Types: Full Time
Job Locations: Mumbai

Games24x7 was one of the first entrants in the gaming industry in 2006, when India started showing the first signs of promise for online gaming. We turned profitable by 2010 in just four years and grew 200x in the next decade. We are a technology powered analytics and data science company that happens to love games!

In 2018-19, the mobile games market in India generated over $600 million in revenues. With close to 450 people in its Mumbai and Bangalore offices, Games24x7 is India’s largest mobile games business today and is very well positioned to become the 800-pound gorilla of what will be a $2 billion market by 2022. While Games24x7 continues to invest aggressively in its India centric mobile games, it is also diversifying its business by investing in international gaming and other tech opportunities. 

Summary of Role
Position: Assistant Manager – Risk Investigation & Counselling

Play Games24x7 seeks to provide its players with the best possible rummy experience in the world. In order to achieve that aim, it is critical that the trustworthiness and integrity of be maintained at all times. Play Games24x7 Risk Analysts are responsible in identifying and managing three different kinds of risk – the risk posed by players committing fraud against the company, the risk posed by players committing fraud against other players, and the risk posed by players to themselves.

Assistant Manager – Risk Investigation & Counselling

As one of the Managers of risk management, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of managing and controlling the risks (current or potential) faced by RummyCircle. Under you, the risk analysts are expected to follow the Risk Management procedures. They work in shifts and provide 24×7 support. As a manager to them, you are expected to manage shift schedules, work allocation, ensure quality work and meeting SLAs. Team is well established and will grow and evolve into an outfit that will not only detect and address risks currently faced by RummyCircle but also pro- actively identify, recognize and strategically address any potential risks which may be faced in future. In addition to the three risk categories mentioned above, you will also anticipate other potential financial, compliance or reputational risks and create strategies to handle them. The role will require you to both develop strategy/processes and manage operations. You will constantly interact with the customer service teams in order to resolve players concerns regarding fraud risk and irresponsible play. You will be reporting directly to the Head of Risk and Payments.

Responsibilities include:


  • Proactively detecting and preventing fraud or any other activity which is in violation of our Terms of Service. Like multiple ids, money laundering and collusion.
  • To detect and prevent fraudulent activities relating to but not limited to player
  • You will ensure that the processes, procedures and communication with players are within the applicable norms and is in line with the overall risk management strategy.
  • Maintain a fair playing environment by ensuring proper implementation and execution of all risk management systems and processes.
  • Analyzing behavior of new users and old users for identifying new patterns which may help in early detection of risk.
  • Identify potentials loopholes/leaks in our product or marketing promotions and plug them
  • Coordinate with the Legal team to ensure that the processes, procedures and communication with players is compliant with the applicable norms and is in line with the overall risk management strategy
  • Design, develop, upgrade and implement Standard Operating Procedures for the risk management team
  • Manage shift schedules, work allocation, ensure quality work and meeting SLAs


  • Operationalize counselling process for players so that they play responsible and within their means and time.
  • Setting up effective mechanism to understand the psychology of a player to detect irresponsible play.
  • Device effective psychology based counselling process for irresponsible players.

Minimum Job Qualifications:
  • Substantial (5 to 8 years) hands on and customer facing experience in a risk management operations and demonstrating growth and leadership through those years
  • Any educational or professional background in psychology or counselling is most preferred
  • Involvement in/exposure to new initiatives in risk management operation
  • Working knowledge of database tools like SQL is preferred
  • Intuitive understanding of potential problems and loopholes
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to deal with conflicts and confrontations
  • Experience in team building and mentoring of subordinates
  • Strong ability to deliver with minimal resources and supervision
  • Highly reliable team player with an excellent work ethic
  • A graduate or post graduate degree
  • Fluency in a south Indian language like Telugu, Tamil or Kannada preferred
  • Attention to details and an investigative bent will be an added advantage.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Ability to work and deliver in a fast-paced environment, with tight deadlines.

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