About Us

About Us

Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman Thampy met at a computer lab in New York University and soon discovered their shared passion for online games. Candid conversations paved the way for concrete ideas that soon translated into a strong motivation to bring online gaming to India, and voila, Games24x7 was born!

Ground Zero

Games24x7 started in 2006 with a handful of employees who shared the vision to deliver an immersive gaming experience to the Indian audience. Working hard and overcoming many obstacles, the team launched their first game RummyCircle in 2009.

Playing the Cards Right

Growing at an astonishing pace thereafter, RummyCircle today is India's largest online Rummy platform. In 2019 Games24x7 ventured into more skill games, such as fantasy sports by launching My11Circle, which has grown rapidly to include offerings in cricket, football, and kabaddi.

Miles to go

Games24x7 believes that this is only the beginning. As the company continues following its core vision of providing awesome game playing experience to all players, Games24x7 is on a path of aggressive growth in the Indian and international online gaming sector.