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Science of Gaming


Science of Gaming is our core philosophy that we have created, nurtured and evolved over a decade and half of experience in the gaming industry. We look at it as an effective way to manifest our creative ideas which are shaped by data analytics and brought to life by a robust, scalable technology framework.

Our players converse with us through clicks and taps, which become valuable data points for us. This data undergoes rigorous human and machine analysis uncovering new aspects of player behaviour and creating new actionable insights.

Understand our Players

Through rigorous data analysis and application of machine learning algorithms, we identify valuable trends and insights. This not only helps us to hypothesize and make decisions about how to keep our players engaged, but also to optimise our efforts and spends effectively. These personalized gaming experiences keep them coming back to our platforms for more. 

Superior Technology Framework

We are a tech company at heart, and whatever we do is powered by a robust technology framework. This ensures the smoothest player experience on our platforms through accurate functioning of all product features and seamlessly so at a massive scale.

Best in class Team

We are building a global team of tech developers, animators, content creators and data scientists who will be the torchbearers of our philosophy: the Science of Gaming. Our team’s relentless pursuit to explore and innovate will carve the future growth path of Games24x7.




RummyCircle is India's largest online rummy platform. An excellent user interface, customized player journeys, and superior technology make RummyCircle the best rummy experience there is. With real cash prizes on offer, RummyCircle provides an opportunity for players to test their skills by competing amongst each other.



games played

My11Circle has redefined the way Indian players participate in Fantasy Sports. Constantly innovating, and developing novel contests, My11Circle has grown rapidly since its launch in 2019. The platform rewards your skills and understanding of cricket, kabaddi, football, and a host of other games that are in the pipeline!



teams created

U Games is a cutting edge games studio with the mission to build best in class casual games for the world. Driven by innovative ideas, consumer insights, and an unending appetite to experiment and learn, the world-class team at this studio is developing interactive gaming content for the global market.

Games24x7 Ventures is the corporate investment arm of Games24x7, launched with the aim to support early stage start-ups at the intersection of technology and interactive entertainment space in India.

It will largely focus on partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs who have the aspirations to innovate and build disruptive ventures in particularly transformational categories including online gaming, digital marketing, digital content, sports tech, eSports, blockchain technology and analytics and more. The initiative aims to provide early-stage start-ups with guidance and mentorship to accelerate their growth and develop disruptive solutions for realizing the Digital India mission.

Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas can reach out to us at

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