Corporate Social Responsibility

Stimulating impact, for generations to come

Games24x7 Foundation

We are committed to creating profound social value and empowering lives by imparting education, building skills, fostering well-being, ensuring safety, and providing security. Through our unwavering dedication, we strive to establish equal opportunities, where every individual, regardless of their background, has equal access to opportunities, and a promising future. Together, we envision a world where dreams are nurtured and realised, stimulating a positive impact on society for generations to come.

Funded Projects

Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation

Empowering Children through Education

Games24x7 and KSCF's impactful programs, Bal Mitra Gram and Bal Mitra Mandal, provide quality education and raise awareness among vulnerable children in Chamarajanagar and Pune. These initiatives directly benefit thousands annually through Bal Panchayats, stakeholder meetings, youth-group participation, and awareness events. Additionally, Games24x7 released a 'Child Trafficking in India' report, using KSCF's rescue operation data (2016-2021), to create a model for tracking trends and facilitating future rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

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Cancer Care for Children

The alliance with CanSupport allowed Games24x7 to extend comprehensive medical, nutritional, and psychosocial support to children and teenagers undergoing cancer treatment, inspiring their resilience and successful reintegration into society.

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Downloads & Announcements

CSR Policy & Composition of CSR Committee2023
Report on Child Trafficking by KSCF and Games24x72023
CSR Projects Undertaken2023