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"I take great pride in being part of a team that thrives on innovation, fearlessly embraces intelligent risks, and consistently delivers innovative solutions to address the distinctive challenges our business faces."

Ritesh Agarwal

Vice President, Engineering

"At our company, our guiding principle is centred around our customers. We draw upon deep customer insights to craft customised solutions, elevate satisfaction, provide remarkable experiences, and consistently enrich our customers' lives. It's an incredible privilege to be a part of a team that prioritises this unwavering commitment."

Rajat Maloo

Associate Director, Cross Monetization & Analytics

"I have three favourite aspects of working at Games24x7. Firstly, I love the strong emphasis on teamwork. Second, it's fantastic how everyone here recognizes and promotes diverse perspectives. Lastly, and perhaps my favourite, is the unwavering dedication of the team to give their best, consistently raising the bar and pushing benchmarks to new heights."

Garima Tripathi

Director, Corporate Legal & Company Secretary

"I really like how everyone at Games24x7 tries to figure out why customers do what they do. We use these insights to create campaigns that feel like a perfect fit for our audience. It's this focus on 'whys' that helps us make real and super personalised experiences."

Vaibhav Srivastava

Director, Retention & Analytics

"The seamless transition during my maternity leave and return to work has been truly remarkable. Despite being away from the office for a year, meticulous planning and support ensured no impact on my work dynamic. I'm grateful for such a supportive environment that values work-life balance."

Sarita Singh

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition

Recognition & Honours

Aegis Graham Bell Awards

Our innovation in AI ‘Scarce GAN’ – an industry-first, AI-powered, Responsible Game Play (RGP) framework cum tool has been recognized at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards-2023

LinkedIn Top Companies

Featured as one of the companies on LinkedIn Top Companies List 2023 in India

Entrepreneur India Award

Gaming Start-Up of the Year (2023) at the 4th edition of the Start-Up Awards organized by Entrepreneur India

CX Excellence Award

Awarded the ‘Best Customer Experience Transformation (Gaming)’ award at the 2nd Annual CX Excellence Awards organised by Quantic Business Media

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